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Friday, 11 October 2013

Travellin' Twice The Speed of Sound

 I help her with her suitcase

 She stands before my eyes

 Driving her to the airport

And to the friendly skies
Going through security
I held her for so long
She finally looked at me and loved
And she was gone

Taken by The Baby Angel from the tarmac, looking back at us. This was just before we all simultaneously, without a word, raised our hands and waved. I wish she had caught that picture. 
That was a sight to remember.
(Me and Himself third from left)


MissKate said...

This blog tells me:
1. that you are missing your gorgeous daughter
2. that you're husband is man-sick and therefore driving you nuts
3. that you are pining for the fjords is a somewhat maudlin manner.
Lovely photos - and just think! - it's now only 9 weeks until you're off to join Baby Angel, the parental body and family galore! Smile :-)

MissKate said...

Sorry - the is in point 3 should be in. Of course...