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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Prune Days (and Nights)

Well, getting this spa re-furbished was one thing, getting Himself out of it is another!

I thought the idea was that he would fire it up once a week after sailing but so far he's been in and out of it all Saturday (sailing cancelled due to gale force winds), Sunday and as I returned home from work on Monday night, it appears Monday as well! To his credit however, he did come home early form work to install the electric garden lighting you see in the background. He also weeded and refurbished the river stones up on the back retaining wall so I can't really begrudge him his wallowing. Oh, and he discovered where the European wasps are coming from, by disturbing their nest!

Apparently he was up in the back corner, behind his beloved gumtree (IF YOU CUT THAT DOWN IT WILL BE DIVORCE!!!), clearing up some of the accumulated bark, gumnuts and dropped limbs, when there was a tremendous buzzing and a cloud of wasps flew up at him! He ran for the pool and by some miracle managed to sustain only one sting to the face. Unfortunately he didn't actually see where they came from, so all we know is there's a nest up behind the gumtree somewhere. Muggins will have to get up there in daylight and a scarf and hat to locate it and spray.

But the other exciting news is that our application to build a pergola/verandah has been approved by council and work should commence in 3 weeks. Oh and the lads (No 2 Son and step brother) have started lifting the old pavers in preparation for the new...photos to follow.

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SusieJ said...

I will be right over! How gorgeous is that!!! Definitely worth all the trouble, right?!