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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hello Ma Baby, Hello Ma Honey, Hello Ma Ragtime Gal

She inevitably goes off to parties dressed like this: a bit short on the skirt but otherwise modestly covered.

Then I find the hot pink, bandeau bra top in the wash the next day and know that the modest look had not been the predominant style statement of the evening.

It's a minefield, this value laden judgement we place upon our children. I mean, if I had to think back upon the things I wore way back when.....mind you, I think my belly was mostly covered but that may have been due to my complete absence of melanin.

Nowadays I would be happy to have a stomach which was worth uncovering!

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yeah, I'm getting scared to send my sweet pea off to summer camp...but at least I heard her talking negatively about some girls wearing very little so I'm hoping that's a good sign...

She looks very pretty!!!!!