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Thursday, 17 May 2012

As Time Goes By. Or Gallops Past.

This week we have celebrated the, somewhat astonishing, passing of the 17th anniversary of my Baby Angel's birth.

I mean, not really astonishing, after all, last year she was 16 so I can hardly claim to be surprised. But when I think back on the event in question- the number 17, especially when associated with the word 'years', leaves me with a surreal feeling.

Time messes with your head.

I mean, how did this

become this?

If nothing else convinces you of the existence of a divine plan, the glorious emergence of a full person from the tiny creatures we birth must surely come close.

Last year we had many proclamations of neglect:

"I didn't even get a birthday party!"

Well BA, let me remind you what you did on your birthday

Sorry. Was the whole Formal experience not enough??????

What about the cake?

Was not enough attention paid to you?
Welcome to the life of someone born ten days before Christmas! But enough about MY issues.

This year was a 'big one'. After all, seventeen means driving, and finishing school......and to tell the truth, perhaps I was feeling a little guilty over last year. Plus, as I reminded myself, we had always done a bigger birthday on the odd years.

So I started planning. I booked an Italian restaurant, because that's the type she likes. I ordered those concert tickets online for her, getting an extra one so she could take a friend, and finally I facebooked a few of her oldest friends (from the 978 she apparently has!!!!!) to meet us in town at the restaurant for a surprise.

Her birthday dawned and she had a package to open in the morning.

The gang were there to meet her at the restaurant.

Boyfriend was on hand, attentive and had bought her nice things!

Even if he does look a bit cagy here. In his defence, apparently the flash was quite bright. I assume this means he has not spent most of his childhood being photographed by his doting parents...I mean...does the BA look fazed by the flash??

And LOOK! We had the Small Boy with us!!!! (Also looking slightly cagy and fazed by the flash.
Maybe it is a boy thing? )

Great silliness ensued. Boyfriend looked on indulgently. Really, he is incredibly indulgent. I would have got fed up with all that giggling months ago!

Gotta say they are pretty gorgeous kids though.

The only minor downer was that I actually ran out of time and space and had to buy her a cake.

Oh well. She wants to do a 'gathering' at our place later in the year so perhaps I will do one of my tacky homemade cakes then? I mean, a tradition is a tradition!!!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful and precious girl. I can't believe it is 17 years ago. A lifetime. Literally.
Certainly the best part of mine.


silverneurotic said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. 17 is indeed a big year so here's to her enjoying every moment of it!

Brittany said...

17?! Already? How did that happen? Wasn't she just 11 or 12 (I think that's when I started reading your blog). Oy. Happy Day to her!

Amy Jo said...

Happy Birthday BA! I can't imagine any of my kids ever being teenagers! She is truly lovely, and has an amazing mum to dote on her.

Stacy said...

Looks like you did a wonderful job in helping her celebrate 17! It is a big year for her. Driving here is 16 and I can't imagine how hard that is going to be on us, the parents. Big deal for the kids...big worry for the parents.

She looks beautiful, too. :)