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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Bestie Turns 50

We kidnapped my Bestie last Saturday. We whisked her away from her, somewhat demanding and attention seeking, Beloved and took her off to a 'girlie' lunch at a private dining room in a pub in the centre of town. It was only whilst sifting through hundreds of photos to make up a slideshow, that I discovered a picture which reminded me why that particular pub had rung a bell. It was the place where she met her first husband!

Regardless of this faux pas, the company were delighted by the elegant dining room and spacious balcony.
My Bestie, having been many things in her long career, has a wide and varied circle of friends. For example, in this photo there is: a high powered barrister, an ex member of parliament, the head of Creative Arts at one of Adelaide's most prestigious schools, a highly placed Business Manager in the Education Department's Finance Office ......and the owner and headliner of a local Strip Club. I'll let you decide which is which!!

Interestingly, the head of Creative Arts and the Strip Club manager had quite a lengthy and in depth conversation about the difficulties of getting modern youth to commit to something or give an impassioned performance.

The night before all of this, Himself and I sat up until 5am preparing a slideshow which contained some rarely seen shots of The Bestie. Creative Arts lady had delivered a packet full of faded 1970s snaps on the Friday. You know the ones; mostly orange in colour and shaped like a crisp after it's been peeled off the page in one of those monstrous 'magnetic' photo albums that everyone had and that did so much damage to our photos. Himself re-shot every, single, faded image and loaded them all up digitally. In Photoshop, he pressed a button and voila!!! Instead of a bunch of ginger haired girls with jaundice, he got things like this:

Here is a taste of My Bestie though the years:

Our house 1970-1
With parents circa 72? High school graduate.University Graduate.
Publicity shot for her first job. First wedding. Honeymoon. Yes, he took her skiing and we all came too. No wonder that marriage was doomed. Legs up to there! With her first hubbie outside my flat in Sydney.

Congratulations on 50 years Bestie. May you have many, many more!


The Honourable Husband said...

Was that first husband or first fiance?

chaoticfamily said...

That's so nice of you all to take her out for her birthday!

PS: Yes the post below your sis and girl look very alike!

Stacy said...

What a great party for her! Looks like a good time was had by all.

Nice job on the photos to your hubby, too. Those plastic albums have done a bit of damage, haven't they?

susiej said...

You are sweet. I'll be over for my 50th... next year!
Treat me just as good?!

Arizaphale said...

HH: First husband. She met him whilst at a lunch which she attended with her boyfriend of the moment.
Erinne: Hooray! Someone else sees it!
Stacy: wicked things they were. And cheap prints in those days meant poor quality inks hence the fading.
Susie: Want me to get you a stripper too? hahahahahahahahahahah (ps:did you spot which one she was?)

Mid Sis said...

DOOOOOOODLES!!!!!!! Bestie had the best dooooooooooooodles! And so CRUEL posting that photo of me - I have never looked so gormless - surely - anyway - nice thing about that photo is there is an absence of cellulite.....x

Elisa said...

You really have been besties for your whole lives haven't you? That's great!!

I cracked up at the "You decide which is which" comment...let's just say I had noticed from the photo before reading your comments that it was a mixed bunch of folks. :-)

How fun that you did all that for her. And how wonderful of Himself for taking all that time to fix those photos!! What a guy!

Kevin C Jones said...

Give her my best wishes for her Birthday 5-0! She looks as lovely as the first time I saw her...

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yeah, I was going to say that it had to be first husband, otherwise how could Arizaphale have gone on the honeymoon?!? :-)

It's probably for the best that you accidentally chose that pub. Now she can have a better memory from it. :-) :-) :-)

Happy birthday to her!