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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Lessons in Life: Shantung Nightmares

Dear Baby Angel
So although I hate to say 'I told you so' (and you and I both know that is a out and out lie), aren't you glad we finally went for Drama, Biology, English, Maths Studies, Media Studies, Psychology and History, and gave Design Textiles a miss? Because after all, if you have to have your mother tell you to unpin all your pattern pieces and fold the fabric in half before you pin them on again, you've got to admit that designing and creating a garment for a Year 11 subject was going to be a challenge. And stressful. Especially for your mother.

But all credit to you. You're determined to learn how to sew. You've selected the dress pattern. You've been committed enough to insist we visit Spotlight straight after two strenuous netball games which resulted in us both squelching in our shoes from the driving rain. You came straight home and started the job. Oh and did I mention you chose this bright red shantung fabric?

Here is the lesson in life. Shantung is an out and out b**** with which to start your sewing career. Most shiny fabrics are. It slips all over the place! That is why is took you over four hours to pin out and cut 5 pattern pieces. That and the fact that you were watching a movie at the same time.

Still, I guess you have a year until your formal so there's no rush although I suspect the dress will be even more out of fashion by then than it already is .

Remember, selvages are the edges of the fabric and the words 'cut on fold' ARE important.

(Year 11 Textiles indeed!!!!!!)


Laine Moore said...

hahaha, looks like you've made the right choices for next year.

I still want to learn to sew myself but the TAFE course I took last year terrified me. She kept screaming at us about "industry" standard and how we needed to work faster, it was like I paid to sit in a sweat shop! ah well... maybe another time

Prof J said...

At least BA didn't cut it out before was folded over. I've never forgotten my first dressmaking effort in Year 8 when we had that bloody needlework class. I managed to cut out two RH backs instead of one LH and one RH. Somehow my mum managed to save the day but I never did warm to dressmaking, even though I did learn to do it in the end. But as soon as I could afford not to do it I haven't, and my sewing machine is now used strictly for repairs!

Andi said...

Dear BA,
Keep trying and success will be yours! Though I do not know you, I feel so proud of your amazing determination and hard work. The kids in the US would have given up...who am I kidding, they would most likely not even try sewing! I never did...especially since I realized early on how mathmatical it all is. Whew! I should have been one of your mother's math students. :)
Just wanted to tell you that you are lovely, and I can't wait to see your final product! Keep up the great work.

Maggie said...

So fun!

I took home ec (sewing and cooking) when I was in middle school, and to this day I maintain that taking that class was one of the best things ever -- not that it was a choice, but still, I loved it. And the skills that I learned have been invaluable.

Good for her for taking on such a massive project -- she is definitely her mother's daughter!

carrie said...

SHE IS HER MOTHER'S CHILD! Why go for a sweet, cotton sundress when you can go all out formalwear dress!

I love it. Isn't it cool to be able to teach her how to sew though? Em has been bugging me to teach her so we are having her Brownie troop over next week and having a little sewing bee...we are making MUCH easier pillowcases! :-)

Mid Sis said...

Ha ha ha Prof J - I did EXACTLY the same thing and again, it was a mother who came to the rescue but by then the damage was done and I had not the slightest inkling to take it up - I left it to the talented big sis. Coincidentally and very spookily - last week I was thinking about taking sewing lessons as I wanted to alter a dress I'd bought and I thought - now is the time surely I can handle it! Hmm maybe not.

Arizaphale said...

Mid Sis! Do not give up! Take the lessons! It is the best skill to have (and my skill isn't that great). If it makes you feel better Prof J, I did a similar thing some years later with a black velvet coat. I cut the left and right fronts in different direction so the pile was light on one side and dark on the other. My solution was to buy more fabric and make two coats!!!! I still have one but I don't know what happened to the other one. Did I give it to you Middle Sis?