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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Team Up Thursday/Saturday: Trouble

JoLyn has already told the story of how we switched out theme this week over at her site when she posted our Team Up double almost on time. It's Saturday here now and I have only just managed to get myself into gear to get my side up.
The shot on the right is JoLyn's toddler terrorist grandson. Beware! He has drool and he knows how to use it! I just thought of this medallion the BA was given when she was a wee kid and a bit of a terror herself! Here she is wearing it and giving me a bit of attitude about all the photos!

The other day when she was clearing out her room and getting rid of some of her 'kidstuff', she put the medallion in the 'junk' pile; but I couldn't let it go and rescued it for my memory box. As soon as we decided on 'trouble' I knew I wanted to use a shot of it. I had quite a lot of trouble getting a good macro shot of it I'm afraid and I am having to acknowledge that mt DSLR, although an improvement on my PAS, is pretty limited.

If you want to see the limits stretched however, click over to Team Up Thursday at Megan or Melody's place and check out what's on offer.


Amy Jo said...

I can only imagine how much fun the BA must have been in those days! And that baby? That drool? Trouble, indeed!

Maggie said...

So cute -- love that drool!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh I don't know what all those letters mean after the macro word, but VERY cute picture of the BA!!!!! The drool / medalian team up is nice too!

Arizaphale said...

(digital Single lens reflex: aka proper camera)

(point and shoot: aka crappy little tourist camera)

...and yes AJ, she was a barrel of laughs! Sometimes!:-)