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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Heartbreak Cat: A Story in Four Felines.

A non-animal loving man....and his cat. (Himself and Morticia)

A bad tempered cat who hates everyone but does a good impression of 'pilchards wouldn't melt in my mouth' for the camera (Pippin).

A new addition to the family (Lily......as in Munster).

Now given that we came home one night to discover Pippin baling up Lil in the stairwell, and given that Lil was SO terrified she ripped a chunk out of Himself's mouse finger, you would think that she'd learned her place in the pecking order. Apparently not.

When Morticia was brought face to face with the interloper just recently, contrary to our expectations her blood pressure skyrocketed and she emitted that low menacing growl which goes with invaded territory. Lily of course was blissfully unaware and followed Morticia around the house attacking her periodically until Tish turned, swiped her and then sat by the door pointedly until we let her out.
That was Friday.

On Sunday afternoon I found this message on the kitchen blackboard.

Tish had not put a paw near the place since Friday and Himself was gutted. I mean, we were all devastated but Himself was hardest hit.

"This is why I don't like pets!" he announced after having got up at 3am to walk the streets and look for her.

Even Pippin was affected. This most stand-offish and psychotic of cats (Himself calls him The Anti-Pet) whined horribly and, shock of shocks, on Sunday morning, came and sat on my lap!
I considered this anomaly with the BA.

Me: You know the last time Pippin went all sooky was when Merry disappeared.

(Merry, the suck face ie incredibly affectionate, cat that Lily is replacing. 2005-2005)

BA: Yeah that's right! He kept whining and carrying on. But you know, he used to fight with Merry all the time.

Me: Yes, and he was hissing at Tish again the morning before she disappeared!

(Silence while we contemplate this anomaly)

Me: Maybe he's 'doing them in'??????

By Monday night we had started to look for a body. We poked around under trees and we'd stopped calling for her. A cloud of foreboding hung over the family.

This morning at 6am, No2 Son was awoken by a small, bedraggled, hungry black cat at his window. Her familiar bell, a sound we had resigned ourselves to never hearing again, awakened him and he was able to let her in. Where has she been? We have no idea but we are awfully glad she's back! None more so than Himself who has given me strict orders never to let her outside again! I wonder how long that will last?!


Stacy said...

This would be why we don't let our cat outside...or apparently get her some friends. ;) Sounds like Pippin is what people assume is a typical leave-me-alone cat. I like that shot you got of him, though...very cute!

Arizaphale said...

You are right about Pippin. He is also the cat who is on the wrong side of every door! When he's in he wants to be out etc etc etc...a Rum Tum Tugger.

Maggie said...

Oh I'm so glad that she's home! I would have been devastated if my fat lump of a cat was gone...and I don't blame himself one bit for wanting to keep her in the house!

carrie said...

Oh...I'm so glad there is a happy ending here. All of the kitties are so very different but beautiful in their own way! But that Lil...oh she makes me want to run right out and try to find another kitty!

Mid Sis said...

I got on quite well with your anti-cat, he lay on his back and purred like crazy when I tickled him. I also have a great shot of you lying flat out, with him in the same position on your sitting room floor!