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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Everyone's OK!!!! We're Just Busy

For those of you who thought we may have slipped off the face of the Earth, I just wanted to let you know that we are OK and will be returning to normal broadcasting soon. I hope.

The Baby Angel had her 15th birthday on the weekend and I haven't even uploaded a picture yet.
She was a little disappointed as she didn't have a party ( due to work commitments..hem hem) but we hope to remedy that in the next few weekends.
She did get to see Vampire Weekend at the Entertainment Centre...unsupervised!!!
She has also asked me to tell you that she did not get a cake. It's true. I failed. But I have assured her that she will get one when she has her sleepover party. Sheesh. The pressure.

Anyway, isn't 15 the age at which birthdays start to be kind of non-eventful? No? I'm ahead of myself aren't I.

Well, I'll get pictures up when I can. This week is NAPLAN, which I co-ordinate, so I have been busy sharpening 100 pencils, sorting 100 test papers into class sets (they come individually named) and teaching teachers how to read a script and supervise the tests in a standardised manner; which does not include giving them assistance or letting them sit next to each other, as I suspect happened last year.

I have also been to another Maths course (lots of fun problem solving) and created havoc directing runners during the Cross Country on Thursday. I have watched netball games, run the termly Kids Service at church (including steering the Youth as their leader was ill with pneumonia) attended birthday parties, been a taxi service and accompanied my daughter to see 'Iron Man 2' on her birthday (meh.....not as good as the first).

This morning I got up at 4.30am to get some school work done.

I'm not sure how long we can keep up this pace.......


JoLyn said...

I'm exhausted just thinking about it! Sounds like you need a evening out...or a long soak in a bubble bath!

Tell the Baby Angel Happy Birthday from all of us on the other side of the planet!

Amy Jo said...

Wow! Here's hoping that you get a little R&R this weekend!

Stacy said...

Oh dear, you sound so busy!

Well, Happy Birthday to BA! I am sure you will pull off a stellar birthday party for her when the time allows. I can't remember having much more than perhaps a sleepover at that age, but it was low key.

So IM2 wasn't the best, eh?? Disappointing...

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

The face of the Earth has felt exceptionally slippery to me too lately. I'm glad you haven't fallen off! I may have...

Happy birthday to your gal!!!! Mine would be SO JEALOUS of the Vampire Weekend thing! Actually I wouldn't mind seeing them myself... In any case, I'm sure it was much better than having cake. :-)