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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ma Babies!!

Baby No1 wearing her new winter school uniform (thanks Auntie Middle Sis xx). I think she looks really smart and not 'alf bad eh? She was less impressed but I think she's got to admit it's better than the summer uniform. I saw her off at the airport this morning. A whole crowd of 'redcoats' caught the plane for a school trip to Canberra; our nation's capital rah rah rah. One mother said to me that she felt sorry for them having to wear their uniforms. Pfft! If that's the worst thing they ever have to do in their lives.........
Baby No 2. Still little Miss No Name kitten. Mostly I call her KitKat and Himself calls her The Feral although secretly we know he likes her because when she went missing the other day he was so cross with us!
Himself: I cannot believe you lost that cat after all the trouble we went to catch it!!!
and later
Himself: How dumb is that? To lose a cat so soon after catching her? What were you all thinking?

Hmmm. Methinks he doth protest too much :-)

Did I tell you how we 'caught' her? Well, she just wandered in and stood there looking at us. Before she knew it we had shut the door behind her and she retreated under the nearest item of furniture. After chasing her from sofa to TV cabinet for awhile, I put my ski gloves on and reached down behind the sofa. She came surprisingly meekly. She very quickly started purring and sat happily on my knee but as soon as I put her down she was OFF. Eventually we confined her to the laundry 'bathroom' as the Yanks say, with some food, a cat bed and a litter tray. The food proved very popular, the cat bed is well utilised but the litter tray....huh, what is that for??

Does anyone have any clue as to how to convince a kitten that the litter tray is the place to 'do it'?? I swear that shower recess has been scrubbed more times in the last 5 days than it has in total in 5 years!!!

Tonight, she's actually playing a bit out here in the study/lounge room. She has chased a ball and a fake mouse and at one point came out to see me but as soon as I looked around she disappeared again!

Such an exciting life I live :-)


HipMomma said...

Your "real" baby looks just precious and like she's ready to take on the world.

Brittany said...

What a fab uniform! It's really quite nice..... :)

Love KitKat, as a name! SO CUTE !:)

Laine Moore said...

cuttttte cat!

and the uniform, well.... it looks warm! lol. I secretly wish I could wear one to life!

I just started at PAC this week, still getting used to seeing little boys dressed up as men. but they look nice.

natalie said...

First of all, STOP ALLOWING THE BA to grow up! My goodness! The next time I check this thing, she's gonna be a grown woman! You need to start feeding her some junk food and TV time or something to stunt her growth.

I'm a bit partial to kittens right now, so that precious little kitty face is just too sweet!

Arizaphale said...

Nat: TELL me about it!!!!