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Friday, 2 April 2010

Port Vincent Revisited

Our annual sailing regatta holiday weekend over to Port Vincent on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula was a little shortened this year as the timbre of our lifestyle subtly adjusts to having another teenager in the house. Oh I know the Baby Angel has been a teenager for a while now (over two years) but the real implications of this new phase of her life are just starting to make themselves felt.You see she now has a JOB! Yes folks, the dark and satanic McDonald's mill has yet another slave stoking the boilers of its cholesterol kitchens. Unfortunately, her shift was on Sunday afternoon so we had to leave early on Sunday to get her back in time. Added to this, being in the older age group for netball now means that her Friday night matches are not finishing until 10.30pm! So we didn't even leave until mid Saturday morning.
Nevertheless, the short time we had there was lovely.
Our lodgings were a little more luxurious than last year when the three kids shared a bunk room and Himself and I had a fold out bed in the living area.

We did have to accommodate the lovely Lady Engineer who has been recruited to replace me as crew. This was easy to do however, as she is delightful. 505s racing.

The weather was superb and some good sailing was had by all, the State Title being retained by The Other One* with No2 Son and his skipper coming in a close second in Gunshot*.
*(not their real names!)

Here's Gunshot returning to the beach after their win on the Sunday.

And here's Himself and the Lady Engineer returning after their 5th place....out of 7. LE has previously sailed on big boats so she is just getting her head around this small boat stuff. At least she knows what 'downwind' means though. Unlike me.

Himself took one look at this shot and said "Hmmm....mast needs more rake..."
Whatever that means. However, even I can see the poor state of the old sails on our 'new' boat. Compare the beautiful, crisp, tight cut of the sails on Gunshot with the saggy, wrinkled effort on Bad Jester. That costs you in speed.

Small Boy, the Baby Angel and I had a lovely afternoon on the beachfront whilst the sailing took place. There were no funny stories this year; only a minor hissy fit from the Small Boy and a delightful evening getting to know the Lady Engineer. One could almost be forgiven for mistaking us for a normal family.


A Free Man said...

Looks lovely, but what's up with small boy's headwear choices?

Arizaphale said...

Beats me. He once wore a top hat to Marion. I like to think of it as his creative side.....