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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

What I Would Like To Write About If I Had Time

The Hen Night.
The Wedding.
The recent visit of an old friend from Teacher's College.
The two day course on Maths I have just done.
The overlockers I have bids on.
My sick husband (it's like sleeping with a combine harvester...all that tossing and turning).
The school fees for the Baby Angel's new school for next year :-(
My wonderful Mum and Dad who are helping out with the above.
The heat................
Year 11s leaving this week.
Exams. Reports. Marking.
Being made chairperson of the Industrial Relations Committee hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


carrie said...

all things i'd love to read about if i had time, too! :-)

meet you on the "other side" of this crazy life...

Andi said...

I am with Carrie- I'd LOVE to read those things too if I had the time.
I am sorry for the heat. I so know what that's like...just today it's cold (more like chilly) out for probably a minute or two and then back to our "mild" fall temps.
I should certainly do a post like this one...since I've had NO time lately...
I would really like to read about your list though. Hope you find some time soon. My sympathies...

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Wowee! Lot going on...

chaoticfamily said...

So busy. Nice to hear you have lot's of good things that you could share though.

Sande said...

You too. So much {blog} fodder, it is just jambing up the barn and nothing can get done in there.

Looking to clear it all out and deal with one at a time.

btw, you do have time :} Exactly the same amount as me. What I often ask is "what the heck do I do with it"!!!

Kevin C Jones said...

I'll have what ever cats have: when the heatwave hit, both of my cats collapsed and dropped 1/3rd of bodyweight and half their hair.