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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Friday Night Frolics

You learn a whole lot at a Quiz Night you know? For instance, last night I learned that there are 3 movies which tie for the record of 11 Academy Awards apiece. Do you know what they are? Don't go googling now....just think about it and have a guess. Answers tomorrow.

Also, I learned that Santiago is the capital of Chile, Frodo Baggins was the son of Drogo Baggins (not Bilbo you sillies, that was his uncle), Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman starred together in 'Notorious' (not 'To Catch a Thief', that was Grace Kelly), there have been 16 Popes named Benedict (not 14...sorry Kindergarten Friend...I should have listened to the Catholic on the table), the Federal Minister for Health is Nicola Roxson, the largest country in the world with a single time zone is China and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has a child with Cystic Fibrosis.

I share all this with you in case you are similarly inclined to trivia and need to stock up.

I am pleased to report that our table came a very creditable 4th (out of 17?) by about 3 points.
(If only I'd listened to you Kindergarten Friend! Of COURSE you would know how many Benedicts there've been!!!)

"Now count with me people, there were ten by 1058
(but we don't mention him as he was an anti-pope)
and I am
what number again?...."

We had a lovely lively table, made up of friends from current and past work as well as Kindergarten Friend and the Bestie's lovely Mum and Dad. Poor Bestie's Mum was under the weather in a big way, suffering from the same cold we have all had over the past three weeks (I blame the BA, she had it first). She was not, however, too ill to recognise the well toned torso with the blacked out face in the 'Who Am I' section of our Table Quiz Sheet. "Oh, that's Hugh," she
chirruped,"I have a copy of that picture in my scrapbook." We were the only table to get that question right. I think we were also one of the only tables to get 'Frodo son of Drogo' too as Bestie's Dad reads the LOTR on an annual basis.

The Baby Angel was again roped into helping sell 'raffle tickets', this time in the form of playing cards. I watched ever so proudly as she stood up to the microphone on the stage and announced confidently,
"And the winning card is, the Ace of Hearts. The
black Ace of Hearts."
Mother's heart flutters. Ohmigod. She means the Ace of Spades. Someone tell her it's the ace of Spades. Ohmigod how embarrassing, she should know the suits, we play cards for

At this point there was a flurry of conversation and card shuffling but then my lovely, clever and perfectly in control of the situation daughter leaned towards the microphone and showed us the back of the playing card. It had a black pattern. Of course! there were two packs sold, one red and one black so like raffle tickets, you needed to know the colour of the card as well. Oh mother! Have more faith in your offspring.

Oh, and the other thing I was going to tell you about was the reaction we all had to the location for the night. St Privileged School* in Adelaide is a church based boys boarding school. Here is the Memorial Hall where the Quiz Night was held. The school is apparently the oldest in Adelaide and occupies 32 ha of prime, city centre real estate. It is so big that we got lost trying to find the Hall. It is so big there is a nearby suburb which is smaller. You can almost smell the money in the air. It is slightly obscene. Check out a website of a similar school if you would like to see how the other half live. If you are the other half, make a big donation to charity whydon'tcha....

But the thing which stood out for Kindergarten Friend and I was the lawn. Luxuriant, green, freshly mowed. And there's a drought on!!!

KF: (in faux upper class twit accent) Oh but we only use 'bore' water on our grounds.
Me: how appropriate.

And as KF says, bore water is a SHARED resource guys! It comes from the aquifer which should, strictly speaking be available to all! (Just weigh in here KF and explain that better please)

Nah, sorry. I am unimpressed. Schools like this make me vaguely uneasy. I know they produce many brilliant men; national athletes, Nobel Laureates and Rhodes Scholars but they also breed an air of 'elite-ism', of 'other-ness' which takes many young men down a slippery slope. Too many boys from schools such as this have been taught to 'take what they want'. Hell, these places defined 'The Entitlement Generation' before it became a widespread thing. Many of the things they 'took' were taken at the expense of others; jobs, bought for them by other 'old boys'; promotions and positions in the public eye; women.....whether the women wanted to be taken or not. And for those who could not succeed, who did not live up to the expectations set for them, there is shame, despair and the 'cover-up'.

I am assured by people who ought to know that it is changing; that moves are in place to build decent citizens shaped with a notion of service to their communities rather than 'little gods' who look to the community to provide what their wealth and status can purchase for them. I sincerely hope this is the case. If it is, it demonstrates the old Dr Suess 'Sneetches' principle beautifully. Just as the rest of the world was beginning to emulate their 'entitlement' mentality they cast if off in favour of self-less philanthropy. Damn. I want a star on my belly!!!

Anyway, that was our Friday night. How was yours?

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Dawn said...

Hmmm, the movies:

Gone With the Wind?
Return of the King?

Arizaphale said...

Two out of three Dawn! I'll hold off the answers until Monday night. :-) No googling now!!!!

Andi said...

I am no good at trivia, and I would have been asked to leave the table most likely...even though I am a movie buff, I am uncertain of the 3 so I will not even bother with a guess.
I am glad you had such fun though- 4th out of 17 is not bad at all! It is so fun to have a lively bunch on an evening like that.
I completely get what you are saying about the elitist attitudes of schools like that one. Since I teach in a public school, I can not imagine the sights of such. You would be shocked by what we consider a nice environment as teachers. As far as the attitude of OUR students...that's a whole other deal really- I guess stereotypically many Americans graduate out into the world with a sense of entitlement towards everyone else...no matter where they attend high school. But the kind of mentality of students who go to the school like the one you mentioned is far out of the realm of anything with which I am familiar. Your points are always so interesting...and I enjoy reading your posts!
Glad your evening raised so good deal of money for the good cause.
BTW, I will try and post some while on holiday. ;)

Chris in Happy Valley said...

Man, I'm sorry we missed out. Sounds like fun! Damn kid...

In defense of posh schools - they do their jobs well. They prepare the future leaders of the world. Whether or not that's the way it should be is arguable, their success isn't.

Arizaphale said...

But what are the ethics and moral values of these future leaders? Are they actually prepared to lead the world well? Hmmm

carrie said...

It is definitely nice "digs" but I am with you on the unimpressed bit...good people come from good people not opulent buildings.

but the rest of your friday nite sounds very fun!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'll say Gone With the Wind, Titanic, and Fellowship of the Ring. And yes I copied dawn because I had no idea what to guess before I read her comment. :)

Miss Betty Fjord said...

It was indeed a fun night and thanks to Arizaphale for press ganging her group to attend. The problem with having a friend who works for a charity is that there is ALWAYS some sort of fundraiser just around the corner.

And the answers? I know all the answers as I was one of the 3 evil geniuses (genii?) who wrote the questions! Power is a wonderful thing ...

See you at the next one, Chris!

kim said...

Sounds like a cool event -despite the snobbishness.
I love trivia, though I'm not very good at it.