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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Best Shot Monday : Sprung!

Behold the cat hater.

She had been on my lap for sometime as I blogged and I was suddenly aware that she had gone. I looked around anxiously and found.....she had switched allegiances! Perhaps his lap is more comfortable than mine? Perhaps she was interested in the movie? She certainly looks interested. And look how much she's grown!!!!!!

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Chris in Happy Valley said...

Looks like they've both had a change in loyalties!

Anonymous said...

The big gruff man and the itty bitty kitty. What a pair. :)

Christina said...

Hehe! how cute. Himself still insists he doesn't like her??? I'm not buying that.

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carrie said...

She is getting big! J. is a self-proclaimed "cat hater" too - yeah, both of the cats ADORE him, and I often catch him snuggling them. Poo..

Maggie said...

Ha ha -- cat hater looks to have had a change of heart!

kim said...

I can see he barely tolerates her. :-)