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Friday, 5 December 2014

You Want My View Sucker? Pay Serious Money For It!!

Oh my goodness I am angry.

It has been a month of massive change and I am sitting (uncomfortably) in a low chair, typing with my elbows on my knees in this 'show home' of a building.

We stripped ourselves bare in order to attract a buyer and do you know what? I don't look my best bare nowadays. You wanna find my value? You gotta look a whole lot deeper than the cellulite thighs and the middle aged paunch.

This house has character. It may be a quirky character but it is not without purpose. There are distinctive areas in this house in which different groups of people can exist apart from each other and oh. my. goodness....that can be a precious thing.

This house has frontage on two streets. It has a shed with full power. It has a double garage to keep your car from rusting out. It has a pool which is a blessing on a 40C day and ..........

I am not selling it to you for peanuts!

In fact asshole, I may rent out rooms so that I can: nurture my garden, know my way home in the dark, spread out my sewing, stay in an area I love and continue to enjoy the beautiful sunsets rather than give my beloved home away to you for a song.

I hope I have made myself clear.


Anonymous said...

As crystal! The good thing is that you have options. I'm confident the right buyer will come along, but tend to agree with one of your facebook friends that it may be in the New Year - we're getting very close to Christmas! And if the right buyer doesn't come along for a while? Lodgers! It will work!!!!!

Jill Herzberg Morgenstern said...

Hoping you've had many more better days than this one Arizaphale. ((((hugs)))) and wishes for your holidays to be okay despite everything. You've come through the wringer before, that's for certain. So I do hope you're doing okay now.