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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Garden Summary Part 2

So this is where I left you. The new wall was up and we had a whole of of dirt chucked back onto the slope where we wanted to create a garden, no paving and as yet, no pergola.

Meanwhile, down the other end of the garden, the decking and pool fence had gone in.

And, after a great deal of angst, the pergola went in.

 Then the paving went in just before the BA's birthday bash....

Once the big birthday was over, Himself charged No 2 Son with landscaping the other side of the garden. It took over 3 months to motivate him sufficiently to achieve anything but: we were impressed!

He re-used the old sleepers and excavated some overgrown, half buried rocks that we didn't even know were under all the overgrown shrubbery, to make the rockery.

He even created a sloping ramp from the top so we could access the middle level.

After the lads had dug out and refilled the horrid clay-ey soil with 15cm of topsoil, we started the fun part! These are capsicums.

Below: Some cucumbers. Unfortunately, only the middle one has survived. We are unsure as to why.

Lettuce, tomatoes on stakes, chillies and some random flowery things that Himself bought, probably on special and without consulting me. (Grrr. I don't like marigolds.)


The sloping ramp..

First stage of planting done...

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