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Friday, 8 November 2013

Garden Makeover: The Summary Part 1

My husband and I are finally undertaking a joint project; something we can work on together and connect over. But first, let us remember what it looked like before.....

Here we are, shortly after we'd moved in. The challenge: failing retaining wall; Alcatraz-like fencing; random rectangle of lawn, the sole benefit of which was as a place to wash down sails after Saturday sailing; the garden slope at the far right of the picture, a mass of overgrown bushes and shrubs which seemed to signify.....nothing.....

Another shot of the useless sloped garden. At this time I was still attempting to keep it under control and had been hacking things back. This shot (probably 2005) was the last time I really made any attempt to do anything with the area. Firstly, the arguments with Himself which ensued around 'pruning' lodged heavily in my heart and kind of rendered me inert. I guess I was hoping if I did nothing and he saw how bad it got he would endorse my efforts. No such luck. He just didn't seem to notice. In fairness, I've got to say it wasn't an easy task anyway. Apart from the disapproval of Himself, the steepness of the slope; claylike nature of the soil and drought of 2006-9 all served to thwart any enthusiasm I had for working in that side of the garden. As evidenced by this shot, taken around 2007-8.

As you can see, things were deteriorating rapidly. The timber sleepers continued to rot and bulge  and the Small Boy, his brothers and mates delighted in using the paved area as a basketball court/ soccer pitch/cricket pitch/skateboard ramp, resulting many a broken branch/light fitting etc etc etc.

This was the eyesore at the other end of the patio/lawn. Note the ivy and lack of lawn where shade and soccer goals prevented growth.

By 2010 the state of the retaining wall was evident for all to see.

Christmas  2012 and we had given up all pretense of trying to keep the place neat knowing that it would be trashed by bulldozers within months.

I love this shot of A Free Man on New Year's Eve 2012/3. It was a last hurrah before the builders moved in on the 6th of Jan.

With their diggers.

 But finally, after all the chaos...some order.....

A bit of paving, a pergola and we were ready to start the sloping garden project.....

(OK so the paving hasn't been done here...but you get the idea....)


Stacy said...

I can't wait to see the rest of your makeover! I know it was a long and sometimes frustrating project. They do tend to get that way, whatever you are doing with your house. I really like how you did everything though! Now, you have a great place to hang out. :)

Right now we are awaiting a new roof and skylights. We had a hailstorm in early August with golf ball sized hail. Surprisingly, that damaged our roof LOL! Now we are getting a new one, partly paid for with insurance. Hopefully, we get it done before it snows in earnest, but right now we are waiting. There were LOTS of damaged roofs. We were actually outside when it happened and one of the hail stones hit my thumb. It was sore for a good week, and I was thinking maybe something was broken in there.

Arizaphale said...

Woah! Now THAT's what I call hail!

dawn marie giegerich said...

Gawd, I hate those long drawn-out projects. I just want the home decor genie to appear in my living room and make everything brilliant and tasteful in one swift swish of her hand. Is that asking too much? Well, IS IT?