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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tattoo You

I have just spent a ridiculously large amount of time trying to identify times in my blog life where I talked about tattoos.


So for those of you who are new to the conversation, my generic approach is TATTOOS ARE BAD...YOU CANNOT TAKE THEM OFF!!!!!!!


Back when Himself and I went to the Lake Boga Sailing Regatta, I had a conversation with a young person which gave me pause.

Me: People just don't realise that the things they tattoo on themselves now, won't be appropriate or relevant as time goes by.
Her: But sometimes they tattoo significant hings like birthdates and things aboutnpeople who die...they are always relevant
Me: yes, I suppose so, but...it's something done in the heat of the moment. They don't know that they'll still want that emblazoned across them in years to come.
Her: hmm.. I guess... but if its something you really really feel strongly about..

I was about to scoff furiously at the idea of something which one felt strongly about now, as opposed to 30 years time, when a lightning bolt hit me in the head..........

There was actually something which I had carried with me for 40 years, which I still felt the same way about (if not more so) and which may actually be worthy of a tattoo.

And so I posted on my facebook status: 'if I reach the age of 90 I will get a tattoo of the Rolling Stones tongue logo over my heart', which prompted my sister to suggest that it may look somewhat obscene!

The really weird thing is that I'm still thinking of it. It may be the one thing I have been continually passionate about for over 30 years

My key objection to tattoos is that the sweet babies that get them have no idea what they really think about life, the universe, and everything and therefore have no business tattooing their current thoughts/whim/obsessions onto their person. Whenever I see a sports person with a sleeve tattoo I wonder what it will look like in 40 years and I wonder whether they will have sought laser removal techniques by then.

I also hope that I've followed my gut and bought shares in laser removal companies.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I've always kind of wanted a tattoo. But, you know...I've seen what they look like in umpteen years and it's not so very pretty. But, you can always have them refreshed or redone rather than removed.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Could have something to do with our shared background? Tattoos are unattractive and far too permanent to be a fashion statement. Imagine if we were stuck wearing the platform soles we thought were so cool in the seventies! An appalling thought!

Stacy said...

I have thought on and off about tattoos and would like to get one eventually. I have an idea of what I want, but who knows if I will ever pull the trigger. I have a friend a few years older than I that has a lot of tattoos. Many of them are related to her kids. Two of the six are terminally ill and will be lucky to reach 30. Whatever helps her cope...

I did see this on Pinterest and thought it was funny as hell! I would think the tattoo artists are tired of the younguns that come in to get the trendy tattoos:


dawn marie giegerich said...

I got my tattoo at age 45. I was divorced, feeling powerless and needed something to take me away from that empty place. I chose a symbol from the I Ching, a 5000 year-old Chinese philosophy book. The book is said to contain all the answers and I attempted to read it but it was too Asian, too cranial but my particular symbol was supposed to mean peace, heaven on earth. And it was small and compact and would result in minimal pain. Years later my new doctor looked at the three symbol tattoo and said, "You know, I know some Chinese sanscript and I think I can translate this. I LOVE TEQUILA! Amen.

Arizaphale said...

Jill: I wish I could have my whole body 'refreshed'...you can't refresh the canvas I'm afraid :-)
Anonymous: Although I agree with you 100%...please look around. Platform soles are back.
Stacy: Loved the Pintrest link!!
Dawn: Fristly, I think I need a picture. Secondly, my stepson reported that his 18 year old sister had got a tattoo across the back of her neck saying "She flies with her own wings" in French. Well, that's what they told her it said. Not sure how high she was flying when she tried to get into the police force to be told they have a 'no visible tattoos' rule. This is what I mean...they need to think it through a bit further than next week!!

Anonymous said...

I have a tattoo in a place that's not generally visible (unless going in a bikini). The design isn't that important to me, I know the mind is fickle and something that is cool one day won't be the next, but that tattoo is a permanent reminder of how I was feeling at the time, and I was feeling PRETTY GODDAMN AWESOME. So on days when I am feeling not so awesome, I can look at that tattoo and it's easy to think of when I was in such a good place, and helps me feel better about myself. I love my tattoo for that alone.