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Monday, 15 April 2013

On The Fly

School holidays are here. I got to go to the gym this morning, make 5 important calls I've been meaning to make for a month and update the 'Flaming Family' page for Dawn, who needed a visual!
Now I have to go in to work and interview someone for a teacher's aide position. On Wednesday we're off to Kangaroo Island again for a workshop for our business.
The 'paving company' started work at 11 and now at 2.30pm seem to have called it a day. I can hear No2 Son outside revving his old bomb of a car in a most ineffective way, in that it keeps stopping. This does not auger well. For one thing, it means he'll be around more often


Anonymous said...

Given that you have previously made reference to other people's shortcomings when it comes to spelling, I thought I should point out that "augur" in this context is spelt thus, unless you are referring to a "screwing device", which is spelt as "auger". Perhaps the error was intentional in the circumstances?

Arizaphale said...

Haha! Well spotted...no, unfortunately NOT intentional. I have definitely been living in a building site too long!! :-D