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Youth is wasted on the young.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Communicating With Youth

I will be the first to admit that I cannot keep abreast of the mammoth task of keeping this house clean. We have four bedrooms, four bathrooms and two family rooms. Currently, almost everything is coated with a fine layer of builder's dust, especially now that the boys have motivated themselves sufficiently to make the cuts on the new pavers.
And boys. I mean, boys just don't do 'clean' very well do they? Or is it just the genetic pool I've inherited (in a step family way as opposed to an inheriting genes kind of way)? My own progeny, having been reasonably helpful through her early teens, seemed to descend to new levels of grotty around about her 16th birthday. I have recently resorted to this.

It seems to be working to some extent.

But to more exciting things.....

My official Keith Richards T shirt arrived in the mail from the US! I am slightly disappointed I didn't get one of the randomly signed certificates of authenticity.....but hey, it saves me having to frame the whole thing and hang it in the bar....

 And...YES....we are getting there with the paving!! Can't rush these things you know :-D

Off to Kangaroo Island this afternoon. Will use my new Blogger app again to post from one of the most beautiful, peaceful places in South Australia.


dawn marie giegerich said...

You're losing it girl, but in a good way.

Arizaphale said...

You think? But you're right. I'm kinda desperate.