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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Yes! I am Your Average, Irate Consumer!!

I do not like this new blogger interface. (Except for how you can move the photos around after you've uploaded them!)

[ No, actually, after having tried to move the f*****s around, I also hate that. (I have now deleted them and will try again).]

And what is worse, this is the second time I have had to deal with this in three weeks.  You see, over at facebook, they introduced a new format called the 'timeline'.   
Have these people never heard of the old adage, 'if it ain't broke'?? ????                                                                                                                                              image credit

What piece of puerile market research suggested that your average, linearly thinking Joe needed their facebook profile page to be split up into a weird sideways alignment which forces you to jump, visually, from one side of the screen to another? I mean...my MOTHER reads facebook!!!! We have only just got her ON there! And now these bastards come along and make it completely confusing for her to look at!!!!!!

Grrrrrrrr *steam*..........

And what TOTALLY p****s me off about the whole thing is that you innocently press the button that says 'TRY' the new timeline and voila! You are STUCK with the b******!!!!!!!!!!
I think these d*** brains that sit about on their spotty behinds thinking about new ways to make themselves useful, might like to review the concept of CHOICE!!!!

And to make matters worse I have fallen for the same trick over here at blogger. 'Try the new interface' they spruiked! No mention of the fact that if you don't like it there is no button that says 'revert to previous'!!!!!

I gotta say, you f******* young leopards who hold our social networking life in your hands....you really need to take a good look at yourselves. I mean, I know flexibility is an asset, but come on, how many people really deal with change that well? Let's face it, the whole psyche of the human species cries out for consistency and security. What makes you think that your friggin 'area of expertise' is an exception??????????

Here's a 'heads up': give me more functionality, but leave the original functionality in the same effing place!!!!!!!!!!! I mean...what EXACTLY are you achieving by shuffling it all around?

*le puff le pant le phew*

So now, enough of that. I am afraid I will be struggling with this new interface for some time so please bear with me. To be honest, I don't even like the look of the new blog 'skin'. I'm sure that with the help of my talented husband I could probably edit the size of everything to make the proportions more aesthetic but really, when does he have that time??

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, cigar ash is still falling.

 Here is my beautiful new balcony setting, given to me by my beloved Sister on her recent visit to Aus. How pretty is that?

I asked for an independent setting as I did not want to share my morning coffee/bacon and eggs with Himself and his cigars. Indeed, after several years of cleaning up the mess, I have drawn a line across the balcony :-)

So imagine my confusion , and horror, as I espied this blemish on my 'beloved' last Sunday!!

WHAT IS THAT????? I toyed briefly with the idea of mud splatter or caulking compound.

Pah!! On closer inspection, the root of the evil was clear!! An ash burn!!!!!!!!

For those of you who know our balcony, you may wonder how Ash Man and his foul accoutrements got near enough to my beautiful chairs to complete this accursed desecration! I will tell you in six words. 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'.

My dear friend Blondie recently lent me the entire Swedish trilogy, assuring  me that it needed to be seen before we sullied our cinematic sensibilities with Daniel Craig et al. Now, Himself and I have few movie choices in common, his tastes tending toward explosions and gangsters and mine towards tap dancing, humour, romance, cinematography, plot and character development so the idea of a film we could both enjoy was panacea indeed. The scene was set: no children, a hot Adelaide night and the opportunity to enjoy something together.
Unfortunately Himself, being the nicotine addict that he is, cannot go more than 30 minutes without a hit so he retired to the balcony behind the lounge room, from whence he could watch the movie and smoke in peace. Except that it is the section of balcony which contains my chairs and table!

Not happy!!

So, incendiary graffiti aside, what did we think of the movie? Well, we both loved the first one. Indeed, Himself was keen to watch the second straight away! We deferred until the following night and then were royally disappointed by 'The Girl Who Played With fire'. I had loved the second book and  looked forward to the cinematic rendition but was quite disappointed by the lacklustre adaptation. With school on the horizon I retired, disappointed, while Himself went straight to the third film and watched it on his big screen computer until all hours, well away from my precious balcony furniture (just saying)!!!

Surprisingly he loved it and so I am looking forward to the third installment, once my frantic clawing for control over the  beginning of the school year is over.

I am not sure how to repair the offensive cigar burn in my cushion. The sad truth is that if I do nothing, some bastard spider will probably decide to nest in there, so, short of turning the thing over, I am faced with the inevitable cushion reconstruction project.

Excellent :-(


silverneurotic said...

I absolutely hate when websites that I use change up on me. Yes, change is good, but not when it the limits functionality.

And I've only read/seen the first book in that trilogy. I want to get to the rest but I have WAY too many other books to get through first and I don't want the movie versions to screw things up for me.

Gine said...

stumbled up on our blog and really enjoyed reading it.... I learned to post to words before adding pictures to my blog and really don't like the new facebook either... who knows... they just might get it right someday
Have a wonderful week

ummm and yes I loved the first book too and have the rest laying here for one of those days

Arizaphale said...

Come on you two girls! Get onto the next two books! It starts to get REAAAALLLLY interesting!!!!

Stacy said...

Feel better now LOL??? ;)

Yes, I know I hate it when things change like that. I haven't upgraded to the new timeline thing but I've see it on others pages. NOt looking forward to it when it gets pushed to the rest of us.

And bummer on your chair. :( Sounds like you will be doing some cushion recovering.

Maggie said...

It makes me crazy when things are always changing, but at the same time I have gotten so used to it that I probably don't notice it a lot of the time. I swear, you blink and things have been changed around...again...

I haven't read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo yet...it's on my list of things to read, but so are about a million other things. Luckily my list of movies to watch is even longer, so chances are I will still get the book done before I see the movie!

Corey~living and loving said...

loved the tattoo girl books...haven't seen any of the movies.

So glad for the heads up about the new blogger interface. I haven't switched...and now I won't.

BrightenedBoy said...

Facebook has always randomly changed its outline every few months, but its latest incarnation just makes no sense.

I have avoided the new Blogger layout as well.

Hopefully Facebook will get a clue and adopt something that is easier to use.

It doesn't even look right. Even from an aesthetic perspective it's just a failure.

Arizaphale said...

BB: I couldn't agree more. Although...I kind of DO like the banner photo...but that side to side 'speech bubble' nonsense is pointless. I assume it has some space saving purpose in the hardware department? Or, as I propose, is it just a bunch of multimedia designers trying to justify their ridiculously high salaries??

Stacy: Can I send my cushion to you????