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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Not So Crafty Tuesday: The Button Disaster

I tend to think of Crafty Tuesday as a place to showcase sewing but as Carrie has shown us recently, it is also a place to share all manner of creative activities, or in my case, solutions to creative disasters.

When I was a gal, I remember being able to buy self-covering buttons (would that they could have covered themselves!!) the pack for which included a shank, a small metal cup and two rubbery things...one for tucking the fabric into and one for pushing the button together. Look! This lady still has a kit!!

Anyway, when the BA asked me to buy her a dress for Christmas, which was missing one of its fabric covered buttons (half price dress due to missing button), I thought that I could easily buy a button kit and find some suitable material to replace the missing item.


The button kit I eventually found required me to cut out a miniscule circle of material, run a line of running stitch around the circumference of the thing (oh for the eyes of my youth...or better glasses), gather the fabric and slip a washer over the gathered mess before jamming the washer down into the button to finish it off.


After three goes on one type of fabric,

a change of fabric and two more attempts,

I decided on this.

(*mutter mutter bloody self covering buttons indeed mutter mutter expletive*)

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Katie Swaner said...

Applause for the creative solution!!

Stacy said...

LOL! Yes, that works too! I have a few left of the buttons with the plastic thingy you are talking about. Never seen those...they look hard to do (obviously!). Wonderful solution on your part, though.

Arizaphale said...

Thank you ladies. I knew someone would appreciate my CrapSewer skills.

Corey~living and loving said...

hi! :) good solution. :)

as for the 52 weeks of me project. Yes, I host on Saturday's. :) jump on in anytime.

carrie said...

I LOVE IT! Yes, CT is most definitely for any crafty endeavors...especially the brilliant ones!

Golightly said...

I used to LOVE fabric buttons! My mom had a button covering kit (seems it was much easier than all that with yours...) I went through a phase in high school and early college where I designed some 60's style tops and dresses that my mom sewed for me and I covered buttons to sew down that back. Loved those outfits...

Hey, fingernail polish works too! LOL. I can truly relate to the "process".

Mid Sis said...

Genius Sis! :)