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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Take THAT! And THAT!!

I am entering a new phase in the Flaming Sword stakes. The sword is getting heavy and seems to be burning my hand.

So I put this to you. Are these unreasonable parries?

1) I am uncomfortable with unsupervised (that's right...you heard me) sleepovers where boys (and probably alcohol) will be present.

2) Boyfriends do not need to visit on week nights (and no, I don't think he was helping her study).

3) On the majority of school nights it is advisable to come straight home through town without stopping for a 2 hour tryst with boyfriend in the Botanical Gardens, rendering arrival home at circa 7pm and in the dark!

4) Boyfriends, whilst welcome to visit on Friday-Sat nights, do not need to be entertained in the bedroom. There are two large living areas and the adults are usually in their study.

What do you think? Should I be 'chillin' the sword' at 16 years and 4 months?


Maggie said...

I think that you are well within your rights as a parent to do whatever makes you comfortable. Your house, your rules.

When I was in high school, I do remember having an occasional co-ed sleepover, after prom. That being said, it was always at a home where parents were home, and it was well known that it would be co-ed, supervised, and without alcohol.

I did occasionally go out with high school boyfriends on a school night, but I was always home at a specified time.

I did have boys over at that age, but always in a place in the house where the potential for supervision existed -- we might be in the basement, but anyone could come downstairs at any point. And although they usually did not, there was always the possibility. I would think that a rule about only being in the bedroom with the door open would be perfectly reasonable.

This isn't right or wrong, this was just how it was for me when I was around BA's age. And hey, I think I turned out reasonably okay... Good luck!

Amy Jo said...

Four feet on the floor, at all times. No closed doors. No bedroom acess until marriage. I don't care how old fashioned I am, my parents rules stand for my kids!

Brittany said...

I am with you, mama! These are going to be the rules in my house someday too!

I...umm...may have gone against some of those rules as a teenager... All I have to say is thankfully I married the boy I broke those rules with! ;)

Arizaphale said...

Thank you for your input folks. It is interesting to hear the different approaches parents took (and the ones you think you will take)....

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness. I don't even want to THINK about having to make those kinds of rules yet.