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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Small Boy Does Sports Day

You know how it goes. It's 7.30am on Sports Day and the smallest member of the household (he stayed over for the week) is all kitted up in his team colours and begging you to spray red hair dye in his hair. Then it's all, 'Take my picture, take my picture!'

He's wearing a red cape, red shorts and T shirt and his step sister's red stripy sunglasses.

But I'm having trouble with the early morning light. I use a flash; I don't use a flash. I ask him to get in close; I ask him to back up and strike a pose. Pretty soon this:

has turned into this.

And then this:
I don't think he's got a future in modeling ahead of him :-)........


Elisa said...

haha....love the slow fade....

I admire his team spirit ...let me guess, he was for the blue team? lol

kcjoz said...

He may be a superhero!

kcjoz said...

He may be a superhero!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh my gosh, I only WISH I would hear the words, "Take my picture!" I always have to stalk. But that's probably because I do the with/without flash and change every setting multiple times...very, very cute series AND outfit!