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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I really don't want affirmation. Very few people can actually understand what or why we are doing what we're doing. I'm not sure I fully understand myself. Today was always going to be a sucky day.

Integrity is what we stand upon; without it we have no frame of reference. We follow through a course of action based upon what we believe and trust; if this does not turn out well, at least we can say we walked the talk. What a life skill that is in this day and age.

How many more cliches can I employ? Lemons and lemonade? Silver linings? Any moment now we'll all take one cross each and start whistling 'Always Look On the Bright Side of Life'.

This situation sucks and to add insult to injury the ugly worms in the core of the apple continue to spew forth their venom: revelations of impropriety between the previous head and a board member; predictions, from both external and internal sources, that the school will only last two weeks ; continual negativity from not only the public and those who have chosen to leave but also from those whose jobs it should be to fill others with confidence.

We have ignored much and closed ranks over many things but these latest barbs are hardest to bear. The Baby Angel gritted her teeth through the first awkward and embarrassing day of school, sitting in a lunchtime group with girls she neither knows nor feels any connection with; filling in a cheap, plastic generic 'diary' that somehow summed up all the humiliation and despair of the situation.

Alternate Version: Explicit Language following:

Shut UP you bastards shut up shut up shut up. How dare you drag us down before we have had a chance to fly? What is it to you, you malicious, self centred arseholes? You made your choice. You abandoned the ship. Do you have some kind of deep seated need to affirm your decision by destroying the hope of others? Bastards bastards bastards.


If you are working in the office....don't speculate as to the longevity of the situation to parents!!!!! You complete f***sticks!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you GET IT??????????????????????????
We ALL need to be on the same page here! Do the words self fulfilling prophesy mean ANYTHING to you????????????????????????????????????


Today was always going to suck.

And it sucks big time.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

:-( :-( :-(

Stacy said...


So sorry to hear that these things are happening. After you have tried so hard to keep it going and are being set back. I can understand your frustration!

Elisa said...

I like the alternate version better!

Sorry it sucked.....here's hoping it sucks less with each passing day!