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Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Pocket Full Of Posies*

Is it just me or is everyone either unwell, in trouble or grieving at the moment? Everywhere I turn there are friends and family suffering or great swathes of the country enveloped in the mud of receding floodwaters as residents attempt to salvage what they can of their lives. It is almost too much to bear.

My mother has been very ill since her arrival in the country and, although she gets a little better each day, the vile virus is eating into her precious weeks of holiday here in Australia. Many of her friends are elderly so she is quarantined lest she infect them, which means she can't see many of the people she has travelled all this way to be with. My sisters in the UK have also been struck down by the thing to varying degrees and as I write I note that my throat is sore :-(

My Bestie is another disaster area. She has been suffering from a back injury, incurred at work some two years ago, which has been steadily getting worse. A scan before Christmas revealed a bulging disc and she was ordered to 'take it easy', a difficult thing for an energetic, competent woman like my Bestie. Before she could even put this advice into practice, she was involved in a 'rear ender' on her way from a work function which rendered her 'moderately' compressed spinal cord...'severe'. She is now housebound and in agony most of the time, taking a regimen of pain killers and unable to work, drive or even walk. Her beloved mother, who has been suffering from a bad knee for sometime, has experienced a rapid decline in her other knee and so she in unable to get around to help my Bestie out, a source of enormous frustration and anxiety for her.

Meanwhile, another friend lost her sister to suicide, my own friend in the UK lost her battle for life and watching the TV is just heartbreaking.

Which is why I was relieved to tears to hear that after a 'crisis' and a hospital visit, My Bestie is now, for some miraculous reason, pain free. It has been two days and she can walk normally and is sleeping in bed again. Her mother and I exchange knowing glances and offer silent prayers of praise.

Meanwhile, donate to the flood appeal
here and spread the relief.

* Despite Snopes' protestations otherwise, I have always believed that this old rhyme is plague related!


The Honourable Husband said...

Tough, miserable, painful...that's what life is like, sometimes. Take care of yourself, and those you love.

Maggie said...

I'm sorry to hear that your mom isn't better yet. :( But I am so happy to hear that your Bestie is better...that's wonderful news! Crossing my fingers that you are not getting sick with the same thing your mom has...stay well!

Elisa said...

Here's hoping that everyone is well again soon!

kcjoz17 said...

I would reflect Maggie's comments.
Take faith from small graces while
you live, and believe in miracles.

Arizaphale said...

Unfortunately the update is that Bestie's back has deteriorated again. The goodish news is that Mum is slowly but surely gaining strength each day. Now if she could only stop coughing!

kcjoz17 said...

My first day back in Melbourne I got clipped by a car and landed on my back on the kerb/curb. I thought I was okay - but I was in pain for for 2 months after.

So I can somewhat empathise with Bestie who may have chronic pain for awhile.

chaoticfamily said...

Lot's of thoughts and prayers are being sent you way!!

I'm hopeful that 2011 will bring good things to you and those you love.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh my gosh you've just been through the ringer. :-( :-( :-( I hope things turn for the better very, very soon. And also, snopes isn't ALWAYS right. :-)