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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mighty Dread Has Seized My Troubled Mind!!!!

Howdy gang, this is me, finally coming up for air!Link

Since my last post we have been racing on all cylinders, towards Christmas and the end of the school year.

Let's start with the Kidzone nativity service. I don't know if you remember that last year I made a whole bunch of 'have on hand' Christmas costumes since we often have kids turn up on the day who want to be involved but have no outfit? Well I had wanted to add to the collection this year so once again, the day before, I sat up making 'serger specials' (ie...no hems or niceties....just overlocked together!).

I managed the purple and yellow robe and gown of the king (front left) and the kid sized grey robe for Joseph. That was it. My flatbed machine was behaving badly and I just didn't get time for anything else.

Last year I also made some 'angel' costumes; shifts in cream and gold with tinsel for halos and an attempt at angel wings using 'buckram' or stiff hatbrim interfacing. I had no chance of getting these angel costumes to 'fly' as long as most of the little girls at church had their own preferred fairy costumes! One day I hope to teach them that pink maribou is not 'angelic' per se!!!!!!

There's one of the angel shifts on the king below at front right although she's also got a king's green and blue robe over the top of it and I'm not at all sure it 'works'. Also, get a load of our black sheep, front and centre with grey ugg boots :-D and the shepherd with his baseball cap on. These kids are too much!!One of my co-workers keeps telling me that it's not about perfection but one day I would just really like to have angels that looked like this, or this:

Alright, there's a bit of maribou there, but at least they don't have wands!!!!

No, the answer is to make my angels as shiny and glittery as the fairy costumes from K Mart.

To this end, I have been making angel wings for next year!

What do you reckon my chances are?

Anyway, despite my anally retentive need for accurate Biblical costuming, the actual service was quite successful. This year we incorporated the Nativity in our final Family Service; this is a service where the kids and youth run everything. We had little skits from the youth and child friendly carols with kids leading the singing.

Amongst the conglomeration above you can see the three wise geeks (complete with GPS and google maps to find the baby), some Bogan shepherds and yes, another pink angel. The bloke on the left in gold is actually the angel Gabriel, I thought he at least was colour appropriate :-D
Despite the apparent chaos before the service, it all came together very well and we received lots of compliments.
Now to start planning next year's extravaganza!

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Wow! I do remember lots and lots of work!!!!! I don't know what overlocked means, but those are very pretty wings!!!!!