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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Alright already, I've Been Busy!!!

The Chaos Fairy has been hard at work in my neck of the woods of late! Since I last wrote, the season of Evita charged forward with many interesting twists and turns, (all worthy of their own posts): followed by set painting and a whole bunch of other stuff for Local Light Opera's Christmas variety concert; followed by the church centenary; followed by selling the house: followed by finding a house I would like to live in; followed by the Bestie staying with us until she moves to her new house in November; combined with mum and dad living under our roof since October and you have a pretty good idea of the state of my sanity.

But on a happy note:

Grandma and the BA at the BA's place of employment on my mother's 56th (yes, those numbers exist!) wedding anniversary.

But back to 'Evita'.

Here's Colonel Peron adding the finishing touches to Evita's exquisite ballgown, in my loungeroom!

We had such a special day the three of us. They talked about their concerns that the show wouldn't be good enough and I told them of my journey towards and retreat from,  theatre. I am still clearing up the glitter.

In the middle of all this.....

I made a Jessie the Cowgirl costume for a friend:

The wig was quite another story...
After a year of planning,  meeting together and sewing, we finally completed the two 'centenary quilts' for the church. Here is one of them before we had even quilted it...

The gold links represent the connections we have wth community.

But while THIS was going on, I still had sets to paint for the  Light Opera Society variety performance. Stage one of the 'very fast' sets....

And here's the other Centenary Banner the night we hung it.

And here's the posters I did to decorate the walls of the church gym for the Centenary lunch. And yes, I did have to resort to putting the footprints on myself after the kids in Sunday school got bored with the idea....:

And here's the most exciting thing of all.....


Jill Morgenstern said...

You HAVE been busy! Insanely busy! Congratulations on the house! That's such great news!! My mom and dad sold theirs too, so now there's only ours left to go. But I'm not sure when we'll get ours on the market. Still trying to figure out what Jared will do with himself next year and then there are questions about whether my 94 year old mother in law might end up living with us at some point so...I'm afraid it might be farther off than this spring. :-(

The Jessie costume is SO cute!!!!! We have that movie somewhere around here but haven't managed to find it so Lielle can watch it. And happy anniversary to your mom!

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