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Monday, 2 March 2015

The Great Boulevard Sewing Bee

 So I thought I'd do a sewing post as I am sick of thinking about my house failing to sell.....

Back on Australia Day (26th Jan), Kindergarten Friend and his wife (The Divine Miss M) asked me to accompany them to the Fashion Icons Exhibition at the City Art Gallery. This was an extraordinary treat for those of us with a love of fabric and sewing. The original pieces by designers such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves St Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana were so displayed that you could walk right up to them and peer at the stitching! We marvelled at the metres of delicately folded fabrics and intricate beading.

 In the Art Gallery Shop, they were typically profiting from all items (cough:TAT) that could be remotely related to sewing or fashion. I fell for the old 'simple pattern for a skirt' trick, encouraged by a demo model on a mannequin in a striking African print. The Divine Miss M , who claimed not to be able to sew for $%#@, agreed to purchase some IKEA fabric and let me make her a skirt. I have yet to see this fabric.

BUT.... several days later I had cause to visit Local Cheap Material Superstore, let's call it Floodlight, and spotted some cheap and cheerful African print which I thought I could probably use

That's it on the left. The skirt was ludicrously simple and I quickly decided to make the skirt reversible, finding this other pleasant ethnic fabric in my stash.

Buoyed by my success, I quickly made this skirt:

(not really enhanced by my long tailed black shirt)
And this one, opting for a tie and 'wrap around' effect for the final version.
(please forgive bathers and megafat arms)

 So 3 skirts (4 if you count the reversible) from the one pattern....and I'm NOT DONE!!!!!

Meanwhile, I have been sewing plastic storage bags for the 'Kidsboxes' at church, and was rewarded by the sight of two young children playing with toys that had been in the box for ages, but never used.

Also whilst at the Exhibition, I succumbed to a 'sew your own' scarf kit which is basically a piece of fabric and a skein of thick thread for you to do a running stitch along the edge of it. Pics of that 'gem' when I've completed it :-)
The whole sewing 'simple and quick' has been very cathartic mind you, particularly in the face of my current woes.

Viva La Fashion!!


Stacy said...

Great job! Quick projects are the best to get your sewing mojo back. :)

I am sure your house will sell eventually...just for lower than you hoped. What a bummer. :( It took us 8 months to sell our last house, and it was during the housing boom here. We kinda upgraded it too much for what it was. We took less than we wanted, but in the meantime had bought another house. Having 2 mortgages for 5 months was not fun.

chaoticfamily said...

Fabulous sewing.

I will get my teeth, your house will sell and our corners of the world will be a little bit brighter.

Gayle said...

Look at you go!! I wish I was doing some sewing. Seems like there are too many things going on for me to immerse myself. I'm glad you had the outlet.

Jill Herzberg Morgenstern said...

So neat!!!! Sometimes I wish I could sew. And then I remember how much I hate sewing. And thread. And bobbins.

The puzzle bags! THAT'S what I need! Lielle's puzzles drive me bonkers! I can't ever figure out how to store them. :-(