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Friday, 22 August 2014

The Perils of Facebook MkII

This is not a new phenomenon. I have fallen afoul of facebook before, albeit in a different manner, but it still  surprises me when I upset someone unwittingly.

I may be overthinking this, but I am of the Aussie generation that use gentle, deprecating humour to indicate mateship. The kids nowadays seem to have swallowed the hyperbole dictionary!

For example:
Picture of 15 year old pouting at camera.
Oh you are perfect.
So pretty
Why can't I look like you
You are hawt

etc etc etc
On the other hand, when I see a picture, on facebook, of a normally very laid back acquaintance, at his engagement party, wearing a SUIT (well, I might add), my response is to rib him mildly whilst still indicating that I approve of his 'look'.

"Hey Bob (not his real name). Wow! You look almost respectable!!!" Lol

This is apparently not the thing to say. I received a message from his fiancee shortly afterwards, on my facebook messenger, asking me why I felt it necessary to be rude to her partner.

Was I out of line? Is 20th century humour unacceptable in a 21st century medium?

I made my peace by sending her this message:

Sorry. Wasn't meaning to be rude. Was teasing him, as our artistic types (nb husbands/partners) are rarely seen dressed up. I forget facebook doesn't have vocal intonation. He ACTUALLY looks terrific. As do you. Congrats to the both of you again.

She hasn't responded.
I think I am not going to let it worry me.


Anonymous said...

It's a tough one! I have often written comments as I would say them, only to have someone react strongly. I figure that the one you were aiming your comment at would fully understand you as you most likely know him better than his fiance. You tried to explain yourself and so it's up to her now!Some females are way to sensitive I find (sometimes that's me too) Ahh let the cobwebs blow off and enjoy your weekend! Whatever you do, please do not lose your uniqueness and sense of humour! It is you and we love you for it! It is a rare gift these days! Live to the full! Love and hugs! L

Anonymous said...

Do not spare a thought. It was NOT an offensive or insulting comment, it was just a bit of fun. Which is what facebook is supposed to be. What thin-skinned nonsense! xxx

Arizaphale said...

Thanks guys!

Jill Herzberg Morgenstern said...

Yeah that doesn't seem the least bit disrespectful or rude to me, UNLESS he is someone that you haven't seen in long enough that he has changed beyond the person you knew who may have enjoyed that little bit of teasing.

But what it really sounds like to me is jealous fiancee feeling as if she must figure out before the wedding how close his female friends are and what he allows from them.

I think Anonymous is in the right here! :-)

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