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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Looks Like I Might Live...For Now Anyway :-)

(Taken whilst tidying up the costume storeroom....)

So this is me looking happy, which has been a bit of a rare occurrence in the last three months or so. Today I'm happy because, following the advice of Prof J and my other school friend Sailor Gal, I went and had a thorough medical. The good news is:

My blood pressure is normal ( no impending stroke then....)
My glucose is normal (not diabetes....)
My Liver and Kidney functions were normal....much to the surprise of my doctor when she heard of my Sav Blanc habit!
My Cholesterol is on the upper border (5.5) but still within normal range
My pap smear was normal and in a strange but procedural test pairing,
I do not have any STDs

The bad news is that I am 4kg over weight and Vitamin D deficient. Again. Last time I was Vitamin D deficient I worked in this basement. Those windows at the top opened onto yet another basement room. The school used to be a wine cellar and our classrooms were in the champagne cellars...(so I am reasonably informed by Himself whose first holiday job involved turning the champagne bottles 15 deg every hour....)

But anyway....that doesn't explain why I am Vitamin D deficient now! At the Wine School, all my 'duties' were in under cover areas and in winter I arrived and left in the dark. But now, I have three outdoor duties a week, I try to drink my coffee in the sun at least once a week...and summer is coming. So why am I still deficient? Sunscreen? General avoidance of the sun? Whatever. I'll take the pills and give the sunburn a miss  thanks....

So apart from being 4kg overweight I have a bit to smile about. I've booked my ticket to the UK, leaving December 16th! I'll be there for the entire school holiday, returning around Australia Day (Jan 26th) in time for the new school year. Just :-) ) And the BA has booked her ticket too! She's a little quicker off the mark and will depart October 1st.

This leaves Himself and his collection of Neanderthal sons to maintain a semblence of order whilst we are away.

I am considering Nanny Cam.


Stacy said...

Glad you are healthy! I got a blood workup and was pleasantly surprised that I had good cholesterol. I told my family it was due to all the rabbit food I eat...see it works! :)

Have fun on your holiday! That sounds so wonderful to get to spend quality time back in the UK with your family. I hope the house is in one piece when you get back home. I would tell them that whatever doesn't get cleaned up gets thrown out when you get home. Usually works for the kids. ;)

MissKate said...

All good news! And if I hear you complaining about 4 kg I'll have to scoff loudly considering the mountains of fat I have to move... As to vitamin D - I continue to have very low levels and my GP prescribed a high dose powder taken once a quarter as opposed to daily capsules (that I forget). Check it out! xx

dawn marie giegerich said...

Doctor visits, scary. I sit literally on the edge of the examining table feeling the breeze on my naked backside while my doc attempts to maneuver his way through the new and frustrating computer program. "Nineteen more clicks and I can start doing actual health care." I can wait, brother can I wait.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I think everyone is vitamin D deficient these days because they raised the recommended value so much. I was deficient even though I spent a minimum of a half hour each day (and usually more like a full hour) in the strong Texas sun.