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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Progress Report

 Just a flying post amidst the busy-ness. The backyard has kind of stalled as we wait for council approval on the pergola. Everything is covered in dust and I am having constant discussions with
No 2 Son about the need to take off one's shoes when re-entering the house after working (yes, I know...working!) in the back yard.
"But I DID take of my shoes," he exclaimed,"and my socks left an even bigger brown mark on the carpet...!!"

So this is the spa 'before'. It has been out of action for some time and the poor function of our old pool equipment has meant a build up of calcium on the walls.

Four hours, some steel wool, a bucket and a mop later.....much more presentable.

Ready to be filled and heated! Except we have now found out the switches for the jets don't work. Apparently we will be getting a little remote control device instead!

 We have the new solar heating in place now.

And the gate is back on, so we are legal again! We decided to leave the alcatraz fencing going up the side of the pool as having custom made glass panels installed on a gradient would cost the equivalent of the GDP of a small African nation.

 So, just a reminder of the 'before' :

And partway through the 'after':

You can just see our very nice English pool man beavering away in the 36C heat WITHOUT A HAT!!! He will not be told! He had to go home with heat stoke after putting the solar heating mats on the roof!!

So I had a lovely day on Saturday, swimming and lounging. I could almost forget the dustbowl on the lower level. The BA is away with her boyfriend (more of that later), Himself was sailing, and it was kind of like being on a tropical holiday.

And then there was Monday.

Still, the glass fence got a rinse......


Gayle said...

My computer/internet isn't working so well so only half of the photos loaded, but I have to say your pool and hot tub are amazingly beautiful. I do believe I would spend entirely too much time bobbing around and not doing my housework!

dawn marie giegerich said...

I didn't see a pitcher of margaritas poolside. Must have been out of range of the camera.

Arizaphale said...

Hey Gayle. The bobbing around is Himself's department. Since it started to rain he has been hassling me to heat the spa up and come and sit in the rain...I have altogether too much schoolwork to attend to! :-) Dawn: It's a limited camera....:-D