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Monday, 25 June 2012

Sports Mode On My new PAS!

Took my new camera out for a test drive at the Baby Angel's recent netball game. Hadn't realised there was a 'sport mode' that takes multiple fast shots! It's very funny because as you scroll through the pix in the camera display, it looks like an old flickery movie as frame follows frame.

Oh, and did anyone notice that the BA looks like she needs a bath??
That would be her spray tan.
All the girls had them! One of the netball mothers commented that, 'you could tell which ones were the year 12s because they were the ones with the orange legs!'  The BA's wasn't that bad, it just didn't look right on her, fair as she is.

Also, I was slightly bemused about the economics of the situation:
Me: BA, do they do half tans? Like top half and bottom half?
BA: Yes, of course...
Me: And are they cheaper?
BA: (rolls eyes) du-uh....
Me: Then why didn't you just get a top half done, seeing as how you will be wearing a LONG DRESS!??

Of course the simple answer to this was that they would be wearing short dresses at the After Party.

On a completely different note: it occurred to me tonight, that in the time it takes me to rearrange the dishwasher so that everything fits inside and exposes a significant amount of its surface to the spray jets, I could have washed the dishes. But it's a point of pride isn't it. Like doing one of those 3D puzzles; you know, the ones that come apart and then you can't get them back together again?

Have a good week all! I'm off to hospital on Wednesday for shoulder surgery. Oh joy.

Oh and I suppose you want to see a photo of the Formal dress?


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh that's PRETTY! The dress that is, not the orange legs. :-) I always do the dishwasher like a puzzle too & sometimes find I've redone the entire thing absentmindedly without realizing what I've done.

Maggie said...

That dress looks fabulous! And I hardly even notice the orange legs... :)

MelodyA.-HipMomma said...

Gorgeous dress! Goodness she looks so grown up! And speedy recovery to you! Hope you can use the down time for some relaxing.

carrie said...

How sad is it that it is weeks, WEEKS later and I'm finally getting to see the dress. She looks stunning!!