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Friday, 16 March 2012

She Moves In Mysterious Ways

It has been another hard day in the dress shops. The BA teeters from one extreme to the other.
"I want red. I want feminine. I want structure. I want chiffon." And through it all the phone is snapping pictures.....snap, snap snap.
Mummy is there, purse at the ready and today I almost thought we had it!

It was a bright red Marilyn Monroe style halter top with a pretty ordinary skirt but the shop could make it up for her with a georgette overlay on the skirt......

Putting aside the five other dresses she'd tried on, we went home to Himself for a designers opinion.

Big mistake.

Himself's trouble is that, like most men, he favours a dress which demonstrates all the wearer's assets.
"What's that?" he exclaimed. " It looks like she's hiding."

Realising we could not rely on him for an objective opinion we went back to the photos. They all looked sadder and less inspiring on the computer screen. In fact, I was leaning back towards this one...
So I went on a pattern search. And found this.

Now I know that Vogue patterns are not well known for their accuracy of line drawing but I did also find a picture of the dress made up which inspired me.....

So then I was on a search for fabric....how about this embroidered silk dupion????

I am thinking: the halter top in a soft silk chiffon or georgette, perhaps in red to pick up the flowers in the skirt or just black. What do you think?

The BA is keen. Now to find a seamstress.

WHAT? You thought I was going to make it????????? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Maggie said...

Now I am going to have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh! When you find a seamstress will you see if she makes crib bedding? I found fabric that I like. :-) :-) :-) Just kidding!!!! Sort of. Congrats on narrowing in on something!!!!

Little sis said...

Who Are you trying to kid ?!!! We all know You Will end up making it!!!! :-))) x

Anonymous said...

My darling family why Black????The pastel colours in the made up dress would look fabulous on our fair haired gorgeous girl who is still a teenager and beautiful.

Arizaphale said...

Because it's a Formal Mum! But there are loads of really nice pastel colours in the silk too....and NO Little Sis...I refuse to take on the responsibility.

silverneurotic said...

Haha, I love that song. And I'll probably end up singing it all night. Or listening to it on repeat on my iPod.

Hopefully you find a seamstress or a dress. Too bad you don't live here, I'm sure I could steal a dress from my sister...she went to a ton of formals between high school and her college sorority.