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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Today In The Kitchen

I'm baking. This in itself is unusual. I'm baking a banana cake, which, I am told, will freeze well. In true Baby Boomer fashion it uses up bananas which will go off while I am away and I have a cake in the freezer for 'ron'. (Later-ron)

Except that I need bi-carb. Only a teaspoon. But there is no familiar blue and white box in the baking shelf.


I examine the recipe. Can I substitute anything? No. I'm already using self raising flour.

Rats. I have to go to the supermarket for this most standard of store cupboard ingredients. Who can have used up the last of it? Who else bakes around here? Not Himself, that's for sure. He's a salads and curry man.

"*mutter mutter irritation* BA!! I have to go to the supermarket for some bicarb, do you need anything?"
"Wa? Ummmmnah..I donthinkso. What are you going for?"
"Bicarb, for the banana cake."

I stump off up the corridor to collect handbag and keys and, in typical Arizaphale fashion, become distracted by the pile of buttons on the coffee table. Hah! I'll take up the two buttons off the BA's new three button (supposedly) dress and find a suitable mate for them while I'm at the shops.

I stump back past the kitchen again and decide to cover up the baking ingredients while I'm gone. But wait. What is this on the benchtop? Could it be a blue and white box of bicarb????

Now I wonder where that came from?


"errr.....I was using it to take off my fake tan."

Of course she was.

There was a bare teaspoon left for the recipe.

Result! Except that now she doesn't get her button.


carrie said...

LOVE this. At least she didn't return it to the kitchen AFTER you got back. :-)

Happy, happy New Year, my friend! Hope 2012 is spectacular over yonder.

Chrissie Marshall said...

Ha ha enjoyed this one and never knew it would remove a fake tan! Wanted to ask why, living where you do one would need a fake tan but decide not too. Happy new year and keep brandishing that sword:) How did the cake turn out?

Arizaphale said...

Chrissie: Apparently if you mix it with lemon juice and then rub it on it removes the fake tan. Also, living in Australia does not guarantee that you have tannable skin! Being of Celtic background, I am red haired and freckled. The BA is blonde and very pale too. The cake, well, I haven't eaten it yet cos it's in the freezer, but I'll let you know!!! :-D

Stacy said...

Yeah, that would have been me as a kid. Though, I would have waited until you left put in the back of the cupboard LOL!

Fake tans can be the worst if they don't go on right. I try to stay out of the sun now that I'm in my adage, but as a kid I tanned up pretty well being outside all the time. Must be the American Indian in my heritage.

tiaolou003 said...
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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yeah glad you found it BEFORE getting back from the store! In those cases, I usually abandon the baking project altogether. :-)