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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Crafty Tuesday: For A Change of Pace

After an eventful Monday where Slugger did a runner and left the school grounds, we are having a well earned breather. We managed to get his Mum to agree to sit in the staff room whilst he is at school, partially so she can hear/see what his behaviour is like, and partially so that if he bites, kicks, punches or spits at anyone, he can be immediately taken home. Interestingly, he did not make it into school today, the first day of this new procedure. Although I am desperate for a breakthrough with him, I have to admit it was a delightful day. I am human after all.

But I managed some sewing a week ago! Whilst the electrician was removing the dated chandeliers, I threw together this floaty drapey thing.

You will probably see more of this fabric as it was a windfall from school. The new Home Ec teacher was cleaning out the storage cupboard at the beginning of the year and gave a way two full rolls of fabric! This was one of them. Of course, halfway through the project I realised that the fabric has an obviously 'wrong' side, which isn't really ideal for this kind of drapey thing (what DO you call it?) but I figured, as a freebie, I could live with it.

I have another top cut out (which will have the same 'wrong side' issue, as it has a drapey front) and I am perusing other patterns to see what else I can use it for.

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh it's pretty!

Maggie said...

Very fancy! Great job!

carrie said...

Nice! I'm very interested in all of this renovating that you have going on as well - I'm hoping you are taking photos and doing some before/afters? EVERY single room in our house needs new lighting/chandeliers. One thing at a time, right?

Pakutube.com said...
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