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Monday, 21 March 2011

Life Goes On

Ok. It's been too long since I posted. As a result I'm going to do a 'whistle stop' tour of duty as it stands......

Back in February Ma and Pa left. We saw them off in fine style, over several days. This is at a restaurant for a farewell dinner the night before they left.

Meanwhile, The Baby Angel has landed squarely in the "I am a teenager, it's all about ME" phase.....
And yes. I'm afraid that is what her handwriting looks like.

In the week before the kids came back to school, the staff at my new place of employ went on a team building trip to the beautiful Hills District of Adelaide (don't ask me what that girl is doing with the apple! Disturbing!)

Here are some of my lovely friends, that I now get to work with, on our morning tea stop. And here's some of the beautiful things we saw whilst walking through the Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens.
Later in February, we went on our annual family sojourn to Port Vincent where Himself and
No 2 Son sailed two heats in the State Championships.

It was an eventful few days, marked as it was on the first night, by our family totally scaring off Himself's young crew! I guess it has to be said that we are competitive card players and somewhat melodramatic in our affectations. He was completely thrown and couldn't tell when we were being silly and when we were being serious. In a flurry of confusion and affront he stalked off into the night of the campsite leaving us all slightly bewildered. Fortunately he likes sailing enough to continue doing his 'crew' thing for Himself, although he hasn't spoken to us much since. Oh well. You can't please all of the people.......

On the Saturday, Small Boy, the BA and I walked on the beach with the tide out.
Chillin' after raucous card games.

Seaweed poppin'.

I love this picture of the Small Boy. There's a hint of teenager about him now. He'll be 13 in July.

And on our return I got to sleep in and read a book for a change, accompanied by two friends.

The tabby on the left is Pippin and he was the real reason for this photo. He NEVER sleeps on our bed since he fell out with Himself the day we moved into the house. Morticia on the other hand, practically lives on this bed. The amazing part of this picture is that she is on MY side!!!!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I LOVE the one of BA and Small Boy on the beach! So pretty and it looks like a GREAT time!

Bianchii said...

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Edie Mindell said...

Sounds like you had a full time of activities with friends, co workers and your family.:-) I love watching the pictures, especially the ones on the beach. Totally fun. Thanks for sharing.:-)

melody said...

Oh! BA has grown into a gorgeous young woman. I'm betting even with the challenges of growing up and parenting, you two are loving life together.

And SB, don't tell him I said this but...I adore his freckles and his hair is to *sigh* for.

Now, you...looking beautiful and relaxed. How do you do that?

Arizaphale said...

Melody: Don't blink!!!! Oh, you missed it :-D

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh that is a good way to get your attention! Funny!!!!