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Sunday, 13 December 2009



I finally bought one! And NOT off stinking ebay! >:-(

A lady from school knew someone who knew someone....anyway they were selling this for $200.00 and from my research on ebay I know they are fetching over $300.00 so, you see? Good things come to those who wait. Even if they do voice their frustration on facebook :-)

And look!!These are some of the nativity costumes I made last night with my new overlocker! I say some because I ended up making seven items!! I am loving this machine :-D

I would have had a nativity picture for you but I took my camera without its memory card in the rush this morning :-( Suffice to say it went off very well and the final tableaux was wonderful.

And now......I'm on holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


chaoticfamily said...

Very exciting.

Happy Holidays to you!

Amy Jo said...

Lovely! Can you teach me to sew remotely? If not, perhaps I should come down for some lessons!

Merry Christmas!

A Free Man said...

Are you doing ANOTHER play? Do you ever just sit with nothing to do?

Sande said...

Holidays .... yeah!!!!!!!

{still cheering ......... }

Very clever with the sewing btw. Love the overlocker ... all except having to thread the thing.

Arizaphale said...

Amy Jo: Remotely? It's possible. I learned to use this overlocker by watching tutorials on youtube :-D

Andi said...

You know, I just knew you would get around to getting one so I could find out just what an overlocker actually is! LOL
(I always feel too stupid to ask. hahaha)

I am with AFM, come on...try it...just sitting around. You might like it! :)

Happy holidays too. I will be on ours after this Friday finally- yippee!

Stacy said...

Congratulations!! So glad you were finally able to score one. Don't they make sewing so much faster?? It's great to be able to sew and finish seams in one fell swoop. Love the costuming you did, too. YOu are such a good lady to volunteer to do that all the time.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh congrats!!!! And enjoy the holiday!!!!!